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About Us


Organized in 1955, SNAPA is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the membership. The term of office for the “leadership” of the Board . . . the President, President-Elect and Vice President is for one year, while the Secretary/Treasurer is elected for a two-year term beginning in even numbered years. The Immediate Past-President serves a one-year term on the Board and acts in an advisory capacity to the President, leadership and Board. In practice, SNAPA has many distinguished “past presidents,” all still providing advice, counsel and guidance in support of their association.

Regional Representatives serve two-year terms with odd-numbered regions being elected in odd-numbered years and even-numbered regions elected in even numbered years.

The membership elects a School Nutrition Employee Manager Representative for a two-year term. They are required to be an employee or manager in a Pennsylvania school district.

Chairs of the various committees must be active members and stand for election by the SNAPA membership every two years. The only exception is the individual who chairs the Annual Conference Committee … this individual is appointed by the new, in-coming President-Elect. All chairs serve as voting members of the Board.

There are also three representatives of “business and industry” on the Board of Directors with a combined “one vote” on matters of the Association. One new member is appointed each year by the Vice President and serves a three year term.

Serving in an ex-officio capacity are two representatives of the Commonwealth: the State Director of the Child Nutrition in the Department of Education, and the State Director of the Bureau of Government Donated Foods in the Department of Agriculture. The immediate Past-President also serves in an ex-officio capacity, without a vote, as does the SNAPA Executive Director.

Recognized as the authority on school nutrition in Pennsylvania, SNAPa has been advancing the availability, quality and acceptance of school nutrition programs as an integral part of education in the Commonwealth for over 60 years!

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