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Professional Development

SNA's Certificate Program

Earning your SNA Certificate in School Nutrition shows your commitment to your profession and helps you stay current on the job. The SNA Certificate Program is a continuing education plan to improve the professional competency of those engaged in School Food Service and to give recognition to individuals who participate.

How does it work?

Continuing education hours are earned by attending chapter meetings, workshops, the SNAPa Annual Conference, and work study institutes. The meeting chair must apply for prior approval (minimum of two weeks prior to event) of continuing education credits. Upon approval of the program, continuing education credits will be assigned. SNA certification participants must sign the SNAPa Continuing Education Attendance Roster at all approved activities to receive credited hours.

Three simple steps to SNA's Level 1 Certificate in School nutrition

  1. Complete one 8-hour Nutrition Core Course and one 8-hour Food Safety Core Course. The National Food Service Management Institute offers both 8 hour courses online and free of charge!
  2. Send SNA a completed application, payment and Certificates of Completion.
  3. SNA will send a letter confirming applicants that you have earned your Level 1 Certificate in School Nutrition and then you can share your success using the certificate program celebration tools.

Ready to get started?

Have you been thinking about earning your SNA Certificate in School Nutrition? There is no time like the present! Visit www.schoolnutrition.org/certificate for all the details.

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